California Department of Transportation

AAH Participant Testimonials

Adopt-A-Highway Road sign. Telephone information listed as 1-866-Adopt a Highway. Volunteer or Sponsor


“My district Caltrans is always very able and willing to collect my bags when I call in. Love the new ‘ear tab’ bags – so much easier to tie up!”
– Anonymous responder


“The Adopt-A-Highway Program is a wonderful program, and I am proud to be associated with it.”
– Jim M.


"I would like to acknowledge two people -1. Dawn Kerr, Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator. Dawn was wonderful in helping get started, very encouraging. 2. Robert Garcia, Caltrans Supervisor, in helping me with all the supplies I needed. Overall, great program! Thank you.”
- Pam R.


"In a small town such as Tehachapi, the Caltrans AAH Program is proving invaluable. Just yesterday, March 23, 2013, I was advised by a prospective client that an emergency arose; and she was desperate to find legal assistance, and didn't know who to call - but she remembered the sign she would see on the freeway. That statement is a testament to the value and viability of the Program. Thank you!"
– Barb R.


“Great program, and great way to contribute to our community.”
– Anonymous responder


“I am 93+ (years old) and still thoroughly enjoy participating! Caltrans is very helpful. Mr. Curtiss and others are most anxious to help me should I need assistance.”
– Walter S.


“Keep the good work going. My coordination with Kathy Cockayne (Stockton) and Elias Avila (Tracy) could not go any more smooth(er) than it has been since the start.”
– Paul B.


"My family has enjoyed our work with Caltrans; everyone has been incredibly nice and pleasant to work with. Our work along the highways has given us an immense appreciation of how dangerous it is for Caltrans employees along our highways."
– Jan D.


"Caltrans takes such good care of our mountain roads (especially after snow storms and rock slides) that I consider it a 'privilege' to work alongside to keep our roads litter-free."
- Jim L.


"This is a great program. Glad this hasn't been a budget line item to stop."
- Gail H.


"The Adopt-A-Highway Program is a wonderful program, and I am proud to be associated with it."
– Jim M.


"We love Adopt-A-Highway! It's tough work that is so gratifying! Thank you! Our local Caltrans coworkers supporting the program are fantastic."
- Anonymous responder


"Great program! We regard all the people including Saedra and Curtis very highly!"
- Anonymous responder


“Our supportive Caltrans folks have always been responsive and helpful.”
– Richard H.


“Keep up the good work. It’s a great program.”
– Charlie A.


“We are very pleased being able to do this as a tribute to my late father on the very same stretch he did with the McKinleyville Lions club for years. Thank you for the opportunity.”
– Mike & Debbie F.